How to Secure Your Home

The majority of break-ins these days are motivated by drugs, either the desire to find drugs to sell or ingest or to find items of value to be sold for drug consumption. Home security tends to get glossed over, but it’s not something you should ignore. It’s not difficult or costly to secure your home. You will need a good lock for your doors and a few other details around the house. Using these tips, you’ll be able to secure your home without issue.

Lock Your Doors

Locking one’s door is the most basic way to secure the home, but it’s often glossed over. The front door is not usually a problem. It’s the back door, windows, and garage access that get overlooked. We tend to forget these doors when we do chores like taking out the trash or watering the grass. Checking these access points before you leave the home is the first line of defense you have against break-ins.

Mind Your Privacy

Privacy is another good defense against home invasion. Privacy hedges outside the windows and doors of the home prevent onlookers from seeing when you are home and learning your routine. You should invest in sheer curtains too, so that you can let in light while obscuring the views inside your home.

Another aspect of privacy is vigilance. You should make yourself aware of strange cars and people in your neighborhood. Form a neighborhood watch and make sure that someone is watching the streets. Holding routine meetings on your block will also help get everyone acquainted and promote better relations among neighbors.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps your best defense is getting to know people around you. Most theft occurs when people know you’re not home, so getting to know neighbors is like having an extra set of eyes to watch your home for you.


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