How to Improve Breathing Conditions in Your Home

Written by: Your Filter Connection

People of all ages want to know how to improve breathing conditions at home. A high functioning heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) works something like the human respiratory system. The HVAC controls everything related to temperature, movement, and quality of the air inside the home in order to keep the dwelling warm, cool, or properly ventilated. Energy is required by all the system’s parts required to heat or cool air and fans used by the system use energy. Coolant is used to freeze the tubes and cool the air that passes through the air conditioner as well. Each of these parts has an effect on the air quality in your home, as dust can get just about anywhere.

How the ducts circulate air helps to introduce fresh air and alleviate carbon dioxide, a by-product of human and HVAC respiration. Carbon monoxide is expelled from sources of combustion and gases that are released from household activities or building materials are released. A properly designed HVAC’s passive filters, engineering, insulation materials and the force of gravity allow for effective, efficient use. Other parts, like the Honeywell furnace filter, should also be replaced as needed for the system’s operation.

Heating System

Heating in the HVAC system can utilize either direct or forced air components. A direct system takes heat to a specific area by using steam, hot water, and/or by the installation of an electric radiant floor, radiators, or baseboards. In contrast, forced air systems must heat the air within the furnace with electricity or natural gas, then force the hot air through the home with fans. A replacement furnace filter keeps the system free of debris and particulates that clog your windpipes while you sleep. In contrast, forced air heating must rely upon the recycling of cold air into the force, so some forced air systems utilize one or more outlet-duct systems. In this way, one is always circulating the hot air and the other recycles harmful bacteria and particulates.

Operating and Energy Efficiency

The HVAC system may also use a heat pump generator or exchanger to improve energy and operating efficiency by using the forces of compression and condensation during periods of cold weather. An electrostatic air filter can help capture bacteria and pet dander from the air during these periods of heavy use.

Keeping in mind the comparison of the human respiration to the HVAC system, furnace filters are the HVAC equivalent to aerobic exercise. It’s important to use clean filters as recommended to keep environmental air easy to breathe for everyone at home.

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