Foods That Work Well for Offsite Catering

Article Submitted by Foodtradeconsultants
Transporting food and preparing food on the spot bring a whole new host of challenges to the fore. There are certain foods that are just not suited for transport, whereas there are others that fit the role perfectly. Careful selection of the correct food types can win half the battle for excellence when serving your clientele.

Bad Choices of Offsite Food

The food that should be avoided is quite simple to define. Any recipes that require last minute preparations are not generally good choices for a caterer. Other foods that require precise cooking methods and are required to be served in an exact manner should also skip your menu. As a general rule of thumb hot seafood, pastas, fried foods and red meat all make poor choices, given a few exceptions of course.

Choosing a fantastic meal to serve at a remote venue

It would be best to take advantage of the many meal types that develop flavour over time. Curries, stews, soups and chilli all gain their own unique and rich sense of taste if left time to mature. Other tasty choices are room temperature salads, cold food is extremely versatile however do not allow your greens to wilt or any brown colouring to develop. Braised food holds moisture extremely well and has good heat retention as an added bonus.

Chicken should never be overcooked however it transported correctly it is extremely easy to reheat and if well prepared will not dry out. The process of brining chicken before any usage is extremely beneficial to preventing the loss of moisture. Sauces, stir fries, potatoes of all types, the list of exciting food types suited to catering remotely is seemingly endless. Compliment your service by taking advantage of the many tasty creations at your disposal.