Dealing with Bad Breath

Bad breath can kill intimacy with your partner, and make social situations embarrassing. Lots of people suffer from halitosis, but there are easy remedies in most cases. Dental hygiene is just one of many tips designed to combat the problem of bad breath.

Common Causes

Before you can attack the problem of bad breath, you need to know what causes the problem. Bacteria breeds inside your mouth all day long, and it’s only made worse by the food that you consume throughout the day. This food mixes with that bacteria, and as it is broken down it creates acid that wears on the teeth and causes bad breath. These bacteria tend to stagnate if left unchecked, causing a terrible smell in the process.

Foods like garlic can also heighten bad or unattractive breath, so be careful what you eat. Bad habits also contribute to your breath, so smokers and tobacco chewers should be aware of the side effects. There are also stomach issues that can cause a bad breath as you belch, releasing a sulfuric smell.

Brushing Tips

The fastest way to kill bad breath is good oral hygiene. That means a steady brushing regiment that consists of a twice a day trip to the sink. Make sure you have a brush that fits comfortably within your mouth, and one with bristles that aren’t too firm. Avoid scraping along the gums, but do brush both your teeth and gums. Small tears in the flesh of your gums cans cause infections, especially if your toothbrush is filthy.

Rinse with peroxide to try and kill any bacteria that brushing might have missed, and use fluoride mouthwash to renew the enamel on your teeth.

Change Habits

Your habits also contribute to the health of your teeth, and the state of your breath. You’ll need to fundamentally change some of the aspects of your lifestyle, like cutting down on coffee, in order to maintain good breath. Drink more water, and check your sinuses for infections. Bad breath can be caused by post-nasal drip, so it may be a cue that something is happening to your body. You should also consider eating more yogurt, which sweetens your breath and replenishes the good bacteria in your mouth.

Final Thoughts

Chewing gum that contains xylitol is good for anyone with bad breath. Gum makes your mouth water, and that saliva is what washes away smelly bacteria. The final tip is to check with your dentist at least once every six months.

By: Dr. Sid Solomon specializes in full mouth reconstruction. Sid Solomon is a passionate dentist, with over twenty years of experience. Sid Solomon DDS is a member of the American Dental Association. Check Sid Solomon reviews online.