Boost your energy with Cellan Diet Pills

Human body gets its energy from food. Human digestive system breaks down food into nutrients including glucose, amino acid, and fatty acids. Glucose provides the body with immediate energy it needs and fat energy stored in cells will be converted later to get energy. We burn lot of energy during the day based on activities we engaged in and replenish the body energy back in the night while we are resting. Depending on the type of activity we engaged in during the day, just a good night sleep alone may not be adequate to replenish all that energy we used during the day. Cellan Diet Pills is a supplement formulated to provide essential antioxidants, fight fatigue and help boost our body energy.

Main ingredients in Cellan Diet Pills include inner parts of African Mango, 100 percent green tea extract, an exclusive berry blend and Vitamin C and B3. Berries contain anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant that boosts body energy. Berries are also known to fight fatigue. Vitamin C fights chronic fatigue and help absorb more nutrients from food. Vitamin B on the other hand converts sugar into more usable energy. Here are some alternative African Mango Products similar to Cellan. Inner parts of African Mango contain ingredients that boost the digestive system.