Be aware of impacts of continued use of laxatives

Article written by Coleanse.

Misuse and abuse of stimulant laxative is prevalent among us. Some take them to address obesity, weight gain and persistent and chronic constipation. Prolong and abusive use of stimulant laxatives raises several concerns.

  • It could create dependency on laxatives for regular bowel movement rather than allowing a natural peristalsis. It can create a psychological impact on those who use laxatives regularly.
  • Persistent use could impact degeneration of nerves in the intestines.
  • Continued use of laxatives could create a potassium imbalance. Those who are recovering from drug abuse may find stimulant laxatives conflicting with other drugs.
  • After years of use, laxatives could impact the lining of the intestinal tract.

This is why states like California require certain labelling on stimulant laxative products especially warning pregnant and nursing women. Coleanse Pills in not a laxative but a dietary supplement that provide many benefits. It may help to regulate your bowel movement and bring relief from chronic constipation and other intestinal issues.

Abusive use of stimulant laxatives are prevalent and a problem for many. Dependency, intestinal nerve damage, potassium imbalance and drug interaction are some of the concerns. Coleanse Diet Pills is not a laxative but may bring relief from constipation and other intestinal issues.