Bad Contact Lens Practices That Can Hurt Your Vision

Apart from corrective surgery, contact lenses are one of the most advanced methods of fixing imperfect eyes. Whether you have trouble seeing objects close to you, things that are further away, or a combination of the two, your optometrist can help you find the perfect prescription. Following best maintenance practices can keep both your eyes and lenses healthy.

Sleeping With Contact Lenses On

If you have ever come home from a long day and just wanted to head straight to bed you may have been tempted to sleep with your contact lenses still on. While there is no harm in sleeping with a pair of eyeglasses on, sleeping with contact lenses on is a different case. The lenses and the dirt that has accumulated on them throughout the day can irritate and possibly even infect your eyes. As your dailies total1 contact lenses get drier they can get tougher to remove and simply blinking can also become painful.

Not Changing Contact Solution

The purpose of contact solution is to clean the microparticles off of the lenses and to sterilize them before the next use. If you put your contact lenses into solution that has been used before you run the risk of contaminating them. The lenses will not get cleaned as well and can potentially end up dirtier than before, which can irritate your eyes the next time you put them on. Dumping and replacing the contact solution before every use will guarantee that the solution will be as effective as possible.