Absorption of digested nutrients

Absorption of nutrients when the digestion of food you eat is completed is the second important part of the digestive process. Your gastrointestinal tract has several different surfaces that can absorb nutrients. If you layout this surface area, it may cover a whole tennis court. During absorption molecules gets into the circulation system. Absorption of vitamins, minerals and water that take place in the small intestinal tract happens in four steps.

  • Absorbed nutrients are transported to parts of the body using energy
  • Passive diffusion
  • Endocytosis
  • Facilitative diffusion

Absorption of carbohydrates, protein, lipids and vitamins take place in the small intestine. This is where larger percentage of alcohol absorption is also take place. Unfortunately, efficient absorption may be hampered by conditions such as lactose intolerance. However, many are still manage to digest small amount of milk and cheese. Keeping your colon working at its optimum is important for the digestion and absorption of nutrients from food. Coleanse can help to maintain your colon functions.

Article written by Coleanse Diet. Digested food is absorbed into your system in four different steps. However, conditions such as lactose intolerance may affect the efficient absorption of vital nutrients. Coleanse is a supplement aimed at improving the colon function that will help with digestion and absorption.