MIT Scientists Engineer a Second Skin to Reduce Wrinkles

Only the scientists at MIT would think of something this creative. You know how your skin burns then sheds after an inappropriately long extended session in the sun in the middle of summer? These guys have decided to reverse the process.  What would happen if we added a synthetic polymer of silicon that locked in your skin’s natural moisture and protected it?  After testing it seems to give similar results to that associated with plastic surgery.

The first generation of this looked like thin siran wrap on a person’s body. Over the course of a decade they perfected it to mimic the same look and feel on a person’s skin.  So now the kin just looks and acts younger.  How does the process work?  Let me tell you.

You put it on in 2 stages:

  1. You apply an invisible cream on your skin that has the polymer in it.
  2. Then you apply a 2nd cream which acts as a catalyst. This causes a cross link reaction. This then creates a soft adherent layer of imperceptible second skin.

With the combination of these 2 steps it also resists water, washing, and swimming.  It is still going through the process with governmental safety regulators but has the potential to change the future of the way we perceive anti-aging and the future of skincare.

If and when this gets approved you will see many anti-aging skin care companies attempt to duplicate this concept.