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Searching for Diseases and Cures

Summary: Scientists are devising new methods to detect viruses with relative certainty. Part of the challenge that comes with treating a disease like malaria is being able to track the infection before the patient succumbs to it.

This Prosthetic will Change the Recovery of Handicapped Patients

The Alfred Mann Foundation has given a retired staff sergeant a new opportunity to live a normal life. Imagine a world where people who lose a foot or a leg can find the full range of motion

The Basics of Anti-Microbial Coatings

Anytime there is an opening into the body, such as when a catheter is used, micro-organisms can fester. Medical devices are a necessity, but without proper treatment can also lead to infections. Microorganisms, including bacteria, infiltrate the

Altering Oligos to Improve Research Efficiency

Recreating the conditions for a specific medical condition is not easy in a laboratory. It can be difficult to track down willing subjects for testing, and some countries make it illegal to do so entirely. It is

Denton Vacuum Provides Turnkey Systems for the Medical Industry

Written by Denton Vacuum, LLC Denton Vacuum, LLC, a leading designer and manufacturer of systems that deposit ultra-thin metallic and dielectric coatings, offers a wide selection of thin film technology systems for the medical industry. Here’s a

Uses for Vacuum Evaporation

Vacuum evaporation is an important process that has enabled manufacturing to make substantial leaps forward in technology. Through this technique, we can now enjoy solar panels and glare-proof eye glasses at costs that are affordable for the

Synthetic Genetics is Groundbreaking

By The Midland Certified Reagent Company To many, it may be hard to grasp the idea of a synthetic gene. But, in principle, it’s very simple, its ramifications, not so much. Thanks to our grasp on RNA

Sputtering Systems and their Applications in Medical Science

Specially treated medical devices are required for many common implant operations. These coatings make the process more efficient, and keep patients safe. Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC When most people think of a pace maker or a

How Vacuum Evaporation Works

Vacuum evaporation is used to prepare foods, but it can be used in other industries to create products we use every day. Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC A vacuum evaporation system causes liquid to evaporate, which creates

Medical Laboratory Technician as a Career Choice

Are you trying to start your career in medical laboratory sciences, but not been able to accomplish the amount schooling that’s essential in order to become a Medical Lab Scientist (MLS). Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT), also known