Tips for choosing an assisted living facility

Here are some questions you can ask the staff at senior assisted living Glendale CA:

What is the resident to staff ratio?

This will get you a sense of how much time staff are spending at the facility, the chances of fatigue setting in and how that might affect services. Follow up with how many staff are on duty during the morning and night shifts.

What kind of experience does the staff have?

Now you can get a sense of the skill levels of the staff. Experience and training are important in these settings and will help you rest easy knowing that the staff know what they are doing. You can also find out about background checks on the staff.

What kind of medical facilities are available around the clock?

There is a high probability that a good assisted living facility will have proper medical care available, with either certified nurses, or an on-call doctor, or both. However, many emergencies happen at night or in the early hours of the morning, and it is important that those times have the same level of coverage.

Does anyone audit the facility?

Audits are now accepted way of certifying that an organization follows certain standards or addresses concerns from a previous audit. Find out if there is an audit, and if possible, get access to that audit report.

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