The Teachings of Zhang Xinyue

Article written by Zhang Xinyue

Embracing the World with Tenderness


In his book, Create Abundance, Zhang Xinyue, explains how to embrace the world with tenderness. He believes that we can open ourselves up to the joys and sorrows around us. We can make a difference as we reach out to the world with a gentle and understanding heart.

The whole cosmos is spinning around you. Can you feel it? So much life is taking place all around us every single day. Trees, plants, animals and insects are being born, while others are dying. This is true of humans as well. Over 300,000 babies are born each day. In spite of how much life there is around us, we must never treat life with cruelty. We must always embrace life with tenderness.

In the theory of Karma, a person’s actions have deeper meanings. The things we do to others come back to us. That makes it so important to always reach out with compassion. When we interact with negative words, those actions may come back to haunt us. It is true that we reap what we sow.

Zhang Xinyue, Create Abundance

In nature, this is always valid. If you plant tomatoes, then tomatoes will grow. If you plant corn, then you’ll reap stalks of corn. We have so much trouble understanding this concept when it comes to our actions. If you sow kindness, then you’ll reap it. But if you sow anger and bitterness, this you will also reap. Try responding with tenderness and kindness to everyone you meet for one whole week and see how it changes your life.

The great Teacher Zhang Xinyue is a world-renowned spiritual master born in China; her book Create Abundance aims to provide a helpful and healthy approach to life’s philosophical issues. By creating a unique and highly effective plan for body-mind-spirit cultivation, she has succeeded in helping tens of thousands.