What Happens If You Do Not Meet the Minimum Vision Requirements to Drive In California?

Article by Delta Driving School

If you fail the sight test needed to get a driver’s license, while you may not be able to get your license right then, you will not necessarily be denied. Instead you will be given a Report of Visual Examination form or told where to go to print one out yourself, and you will then set up an appointment with your eye doctor, telling your doctor the reason for the appointment.

Your eye doctor will fill out this form during your visit and you will then be able to take the form back to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to re-request a license. When you return you will have to take another vision test and take a driving test as well to prove that you can compensate for whatever vision problems you have.

When considering whether to grant your license, certain factors will be taken into consideration. These factors not only include the severity of the condition, but how much it affects your side vision, and whether it is something that is likely to grow worse over time. In some cases, a license is granted for only two years instead of the usual five, or only for daylight hours if the person cannot see well at night.

If you are denied your driver’s license and feel that the denial was unjust, there is always the option of appealing the decision. You can do this by hiring an attorney familiar with DMV hearings, or by reading up on them yourself.

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