Common Reasons Why Your Contact Lenses Are Irritating Your Eyes

Summary: Contact lenses may be convenient, but they do come with some issues that you may run into.

Soft contact lenses are known for their comfort and flexibility, making them one of the most popular choices when it comes to vision correction. However, there are still obstacles that these contacts come with. Here are some tips on what you can do to prevent them.

What’s Causing the Irritation?

The discomfort can occur a variety of reasons. In order for your contact lenses to work the way they are intended to; they need to be cleaned, maintained, and used accordingly. Your eye doctor should have given you a set of instructions and a maintenance schedule that you should follow. These guidelines not only keep your eyes healthy and comfortable while wearing contacts, but they can also reduce the chances of having problems with vision and comfort.

Some notable problems that may come up with wearing contact lenses include:


Eye pain

Tingling sensations

Abnormal secretions

Vision loss

Excessive watering of the eye

If any of these symptoms are causing issues with your eyesight, be sure to remove your contact lenses immediately. If you can, take a closer look at the contact lenses. Many people fail to do this when the culprit is actually on the lens itself. Take your contacts and place them in a clean storage case and schedule an appointment with your optometrist right away. If the lens has an eyelash or other foreign body on it, take the time to clean, rinse, and disinfect them. Assuming the pain or discomfort has stopped, you can then reinsert them.

Serious Conditions

If the symptoms continue after removal of your contact lenses, there may be a serious condition like an eye infection or a corneal ulcer. If you believe this is the case, take the contact lenses out of your eyes and seek immediate medical attention.

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