How a Bedding Care Regimen Can Enhance Your Beauty Sleep

Womenman-sleepingBeauty sleep is more than just a phrase. Women know that sleeping well does a whole lot more than just perk up your skin. Humans spend a third of their lives in bed; naturally it will affect your body and mind, whether you sleep on Vera Wang bedding or a cot. Acne and wrinkles are just treatable symptoms of underlying concerns women do grapple with daily: stress and lack of sleep. Here are some tips on how to care for sheets to help you get the best rest every night, so you can shine every day.

Well, why should I?

New bedding should be laundered before first use to reduce irritation and maintain quality over time and the softest designer bedding is often a sateen weave that should be treated delicately. With proper care you can reduce pilling and keep sheets soft and breathable. This will also remove remnants of chemicals used in manufacturing and packaging that can irritate skin and trap moisture.

Ok, then how do I?

The first tip is to always use cold or warm water because hot water damages fabrics quickly. First, wash your sheets with a cup of baking soda. During the rinse cycle, turn the water to cold and add a cup of distilled white vinegar. Sun-dry sheets if possible (unless you have allergies) or use a low-heat tumble-dry setting. Then run another cycle with half your usual amount of detergent diluted in water to gently clean without leaving detergent behind. For boys and girls bedding it is ok to wash everything together, but for larger beds consider washing the fitted sheet and straight sheet separately.