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The Right Floor to Control Allergies

Submitted by Bamboo Flooring Facts People who suffer from allergies often have it far worse than most of us realize. While most of us are allergic to things like peanuts, cats, pollen and other elements that can

Improving air quality with dehumidifiers

Written by MovinCool Humidity can be very uncomfortable and make your house or office feel dirty, musty and stuffy. A humid environment can also trigger many health issues. A solution to keeping the humidity level at bay

Ideas to Keep the Home Safe

Keeping your home and family safe are at the top of your list of priorities. There are many different ways to protect your home and not every home protection method involves expensive equipment or an extensive installation

Controlling Temperature While You Sleep

Written by: Bedding Style The right bedroom temperature is essential for good sleeping health. Studies show that people need to have a quiet, dark, comfortable room in order to get a fully restful night’s sleep. Many people

Caring for your bamboo floors

Written By Bamboo FAQ No matter what kind of flooring you choose for your home, you need to look into what it will take to maintain it. No flooring can survive without some type of maintenance, after

Three Things You Need to Plan for When You Move

When you move to a new area, even one just down the highway, you’re bound to run into all sorts of circumstances you hadn’t anticipated. For instance, California has extremely diverse geography in the South. You can

Hospital AC Units: Air Circulation and Infection Prevention

The HVAC system in your home uses an air filter to try and capture the particulate matter residing in your home. This filtration works well for stopping pet dander, but it’s hardly up to the task of

Lowering Energy Costs with an Air Filter

Written by: Your Filter Connection Every home and commercial HVAC system relies on an air or heater filter to clean the air flowing through the system. Be sure that you have chosen the right kind of filter

Differences in Mattresses and Mattress Toppers

Written by: Carlo Badalamenti One of the most popular sizes for a bed is a queen sized memory foam mattress. This provides enough space for two to sleep comfortably side-by-side, and it’s affordable without sacrificing a lot

Formaldehyde regulation in bamboo floors

Written by Bamboo FAQ High quality bamboo flooring also means that this type of flooring has to make sure that it adheres to safety standards and limits. So you’re probably thinking to yourself right about now how