The best Italian restaurants in NYC

With so many great Italian restaurants in New York City, you may often get overwhelmed by the idea of having to choose the best one for your next eat-out. Luckily for you, we’ve sifted through them all and only reviewed the best ones below.


Located in the Bronx, Dominick’s is known for its well-sauced pasta, which they have served customers for over 50 years. And while all their dishes taste amazing, the best part of this restaurant might be that their staff are expertly knowledgeable about all the food on their menu, making deciding on what to order a whole lot easier. Some of our favorite picks from this restaurant include the stuffed artichoke, and a large sirloin steak served with fries.


From a ribeye steak in Barolo sauce to grilled lamb chops with almond mint pesto, there are so many upper-class dishes to pick from in this Long Island city classic Italian restaurant. They also serve a good mix of wood-fired oven pizzas, which we’re hoping you wouldn’t miss out on the opportunity of trying some out.

Tramezzini NYC

If you’re looking to devour the best sandwiches in NYC, then look no further than Tramezzini. Included in the top 80 best sandwiches around the world by the Thrillist, they serve everything delicious from Tramezzini’s with Caramelized Squash, Gorgonzola, Black truffle, chestnut honey to their popular tramezzini with Roasted pork, pickled peppers, fresh mozzarella, mayo.

And if you looking to stay in, but dying to have a great tramezzini, Tramezzini forms part of the restaurants that offer sandwich delivery in NYC.